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RS Production in a MES-system context

RS Prouction is a software in the MES segment (Manufacturing Execution System). Sometimes RS Production is a part of a solution with other systems (system of systems). In comparison with typical MES systems, RS Production stands out by being

  • User friendly and quick
  • Standardized and easily available
  • Flexible and future proof

MES features

With a combination of standard functions and extensions, RS Production provides support for most MES functions

Function Description
Operations / detailed scheduling The basic function “P100 RS Production Elemental OEE” has production plan features. Program addition “PK209 Visual Planning” involves a Gant-based drag-and-drop planning that also offers planning rules. “PINT205 ERP integration” enables two-way integration of orders and reporting to ERP-system.
Document control Software extension “PK200 Standard operation procedure” offers  basic document management features
Data collection / acquisition RS Production captures data and populates its data model through a variety of techniques (RS Blackbox, OPC, SQL, web services, text files, manual reporting)
Labor management Additional package “PK213 Labor and competence” handles basic labor Management
Quality management The basic function “P100 RS Production Elemental OEE” supports scrap monitoring. Extra packages “PK200 Standard operation procedures” and “PK203 Stable processes” offers support for real-time monitoring of quality parameters
Maintenance management Extra package “PK202 Maintenance support” provides basic support for preventive maintenance and monitoring of maintenance KPI
Product tracking and genealogy Extra package “PK204 Track and trace” provides basic support for reporting of input material / raw material and also the generation of serial number of manufactured product
Performance analysis The basic function “P100 RS Production Elemental OEE” is a tool for facts-based decisions in the management and improvement processes

User friendly and quick

RS Production provides an easy to use support for much of the MES functions. Instead of building a large part of the solution from scratch, RS Production provides standard features that can be configured and adjusted with less effort than the typical MES systems.

RS Production is appreciated by its users for the modern and easy to use user interfaces involving production employees in the process of production monitoring and reporting.

This makes RS Production easy to set up and easy to use.

In comparison with a typical MES system, the deplyment of RS Production is quicker end requires less resources. This allows you a quicker refund of your investment.

Also, the easy to use tools inspire and includes production employees so that software investment actually used as you have planned.

The fact that the delivery to a relatively large part consists of well proven standard components means that a budget for investment in RS Production often consists of a relatively large part to invest in processes improvements for quality assurance and improvement instead of non-value added engineering costs.

Standardized and easily available

RS Production consists of proven standard components used by many other similar factories. This means that there are plenty of documentation and standardized training materials that simplify the use of all levels.

Around the product is also user forums and an annual user conference that creates opportunities for networking and value creating exchange.

Flexible and future proof

RS Production is in its basic architecture designed to be flexible and open to continuous adaptations at the factory level.

This means that you can always keep features and visualizations up to date when your companies challenges and needs change over time.

The flexibility is a guarantee for a system that maintains its relevance over time and continues to provide employees with information and facts even when times change.

Complement to other MES systems

RS Production has some best in breed functionality when it comes to performance analysis and real-time visualization. This makes RS Production a commonly used subset in a solution with other systems.

  • Tools for real-time visualization
  • Tools for production monitoring reports
  • Tools for analysis on production efficiency and disturbance
  • User interface for operators

Solutions for the production industry

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