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A system for smarter production followup

See how it works
  • Follow up all times and amounts in production

  • Follow up OEE and disturbances

  • Downtime follow up

  • Real time visualizations (TV-screens)
  • Automatic print outs of reports 
  • Integrated analysis tool
  • Data export to Microsoft Excel
  • Plug and play data capture
  • Run on your own server or in the cloud

RS Production for all roles

Machine operators

Stoppage causes are coded with a few clicks on a touch screen or PC, located right next to the workstation.

Daily management

Reports are printed for all daily meetings. It is also possible to see current state and statistics in real time on TV-screens, and mobile devices using RS Production Mobile.


The report and analysis tool will give you fact based reports to help you prioritize actions and improvements.

Production and disturbance follow up

RS Production Elemental OEE helps you to run focused daily management meetings by providing your staff with information on TV-screens, automatic printing and information directly into handheld units. The time you win by not having to collect and collate paper and Excel spreadsheets will instead be spent on analysis, improvements and actions that increase your competitiveness and create value for your customer.

Modern Production follow up

Times and amounts, shift reports, time axis, tables

View machine efficiency

OEE, TEEP, Technical availability, tables

Downtimes and changeovers

Pareto diagrams, trends, visual distributions, tables

Measure all cycle times

Comprehensive handling of cycle time followup

RS Production Elemental OEE is your tool for Modern Production Follow up

RS Production Elemental OEE is an easy to use tool that provides facts to the daily management and work with improvements. Moreover, it is a tool that gives you faster reactions and help you in the quest towards more standardized work. The basic function covers all the needs for Modern Production follow up. In addition, RS Production is a leader in the development of easy to use operator interfaces. RS Production Elemental OEE includes features that are costly additional functions in other solutions on the market (Analysis and Visualization for example). RS Production is a flexible and scalable system that can run in any modern IT environments.

5 out of 6 who compares with other OEE-systems decides to invest in RS Production

Many compnies tests several possible systems parallell in their factories before they decide what solution they will continue with. RS Production win the comparison 83 % of the times it is involved in the parallell competion. 

The companies who have compared RS Production to other solutions on the markets says that RS Production is

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Real time visualizations

As a leader, you are comfortable when you have a good overview. RS Production gives you and your staff a continuously updated picture of the production status.

When everybody shares the same picture of status versus plan and current disturbances it is possible to delegate responsibility and ownership.

TV-screens, touch screens, smart phones and other hand helds. RS Production is about bringing the right information to the right people at the right time.

An integrated analysis tool

We are proud that RS Production has an extremely strong dynamic analysis tools included in the basic function and the fixed license price. This is one point where RS-Production is different from many other solutions on the market.

With the built-in analysis tool you will find variations and deviations that the human mind is not able to see. Trend analysis and drill-down tools are in your analysis work for future improvements and changes that will increase your competitiveness.

RS Production will help you put words and numbers on your feelings. With factual evidence and clear decision making, you create opportunities to motivate actions and investments.

Data capture made easy

RS Production can use many different interfaces to collect machine signals and events; OPC, Profibus and 24V-signals.

The use of 24V-signals to connect legacy equipment and machinery to RS Production is often a very good low cost alternative.

RS Blackbox offers a standardized and easy way to collect machine signals from all types of machinery independent of age and brand.

RS Blackbox is available is several different sizes and electrical feeds.

Automatic print outs

How much time do you spend collecting and compiling data to decision support that will both too late and also do not feel safe to trust?

To collect and collate production monitoring is not creating value for your customers.

Modern production follow up removes the non-value adding time and change it into time that you can devote yourself to the creative solution work.

Make sure you and your colleagues spend you time on active management and improvements instead of costly collection and compilation of data.

Export to Microsoft Excel

In RS Production can you always export all data from reports and analysis to Excel with one click.

RS Production is a a standard software and have a great selection fo ready to use reports and analysis tools.

To give you full freedom to continue your creative work it is always possible to export data to Excel to continue your analysis work there.

Run on your own server or on our Cloud Server

Modern production follow up should primarily be a production management issue, not an IT-issue. One part in our service offer is to handle the server operation for you. It makes it easier for your organization to focus on production improvements instead of IT-matters. RS Productions Cloud Service runs on Microsoft Azure

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